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1. Design concept: ingenious design, novel and safe, one-handed operation, mainly to protect the nurses from stick by the exposed needles during use, and to protect the personal safety of the nurses and prevent the spread of infectious disease.

2. Do not contain with DEHP. DEHP is a plasticizer commonly used in plastic materials. It is colorless and odorless. It is easy to enter the blood vessels with the drug when injection, causing harm to the human body.

3. When the drug is completely injected into the body, the needle is automatically retracted from the body. The needle is not exposed so that to minize the risk of needle stick and infection. The product is single used and operated with one hand. The operation is simple.

4. The product is the world’s first innovation of this kind. It got patent of invention authorized by more than 20 countries of domestic and overseas. It has MDSAP certification,  US FDA and 510K and CE certification.


It is compliant with the WISE recommendations.

1. The safety mechanism can be activated by using one hand.

2. The safety mechanism should be automatically and immediately activated after the sharp device (needle) is used.

3. The safety mechanism should provide more convenience than the traditional re-capped needle provides.

4. It should make sure that the sharp device (needle) is permanently destroyed or covered after it is used and discarded.

  • 0.5ml/cc

    Code No.S101B

  • 1ml/cc

    Code No.S101B


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