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Adoption of safety-engineered syringes is absolutely critical to protecting people worldwide from becoming infected with HIV, hepatitis and other diseases. This should be an urgent priority for all countries

——Director of the WHO HIV/AIDS Department

Medical device industry is an emergent industry of human life and health, it is an outcome of combination of medicine with other disciplines, its development level represents the comprehensive strength and science & technology level. High-tech medical devices industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

The use of medical devices increasingly widespread, all countries and regions in the world continue to respond to World Health Organization's call for the establishment of a sound safe medical environment, actively adopt safe, high-tech products to solve the worldwide prevalence of pathogenic cross infection issues.

Closely followed by the themes of current medical era, “Disposable Automatically Retractable Safety Syringes” sprouting. Its biggest advantage is that the needle will be retracted automatically when the liquid injection is completed and achieve the no exposure of needle. It was born to avoid the pathogenic cross infection caused by exposed needle injuries, prevent the spread of blood borne diseases and HIV disease. The invention owns a number of international and domestic patents, and won a number of honors. Even more unusual is that this patent has realized the direct conversion of the independent intellectual property rights into rpoduction for more close to the market. The product has entered numbers of markets in multiple countries and regions like the United States, Europe, South Africa, Brazil and other countries and regions, resulting in significant social and economic benefit.

In recent years, Wealy continue to improve the independent innovation capabilities, to achieve breakthrough on the safety, high-tech etc of medical devices. We are committed to becoming the world's most trusted enterprise, we will continue to strive to provide the community with quality medical devices; Faced with new opportunities for development, Wealy consistently adhere to technological innovation and scientific management level to achieve the business model which is rapid, healthy and sustainable development . On the road ahead of opportunities and challenges, Wealy always been convinced that will reflect the core values of the global medical device industries.


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